Saturday, 6 December 2008

Protest Pics

The first few pictures are of the anti-abortion display, then the later ones are of the coalition protest.

1. At the anti-abortion display, it was mostly the amateur camera men and obnoxious ladies from off-campus that caused the noise. This is the guy who was trying to preach.

2. This is a bit of the display I helped set up. The pictures are rather graphic, but only because they're real, and not created on a computer.

3. These are some of the guys that came to support the display, even though they disagreed with it. Go freethinkers!

4. This is the coalition protest, lined up on along MacLeod Trail, getting the cars to honk in support. Only one unamused Liberal fingered us. One of my friends and I tried to get people to chant "Let's go, Harper!" hockey style, but I guess it was too late, and people were starting to break up already.

The crowd at the coalition protest was quite polite, actually. I guess everyone figured we all have a common enemy, and so that made us friends. There was one lady in front of us that gave me a bit of a glare every time I screamed, but the other lady chatted with us. Apparently there one disabled lady that drove by the protest about fifteen times just so she could honk and be a part of the action.

In case you haven't gathered, it was outside after all. Still not really sure why we weren't allowed to hold it at City Hall, though.

5. Even the kid has the math right.

6. I think this sign might be a little extreme. It did make me laugh, however.

7. Whole families were there. I ended up crossing paths with a few different people I know, but somehow never found my sister. I guess I could have texted her. Oh, well. Slipped my mind. I was there with a few friends, one of whom I kept accidentally poking with my flag. She eventually took it away from me, and someone else gave me a sign saying "Harper Rocks". Shortly after I took it, everyone started chanting it. Made me happy. :-)

8. I think so, anyway.

9. These were some fellow university students. In case you can't read it, it says "Jack and Gill went up Parliament Hill to make a coalition. Dion fell down and broke his crown, and joined the seperatist (sic) position."

10. I thought some of the signs were a slightly harsh. There was one sign that proclaimed Layton, Dion, and Duceppe were "Wanted: dead or alive for conspiracy". There were some other kind of witty ones, however, like "Hit the road, Jack", and "Just say no to LSD: Layton, Separatists, and Dion". One called them the "Unholy Trinity" and had pictures of them as devils.

Man, was I wired after that. Try to study after protesting - I defy you.

“Here's my Golden Rule for a tarnished age: Be fair with others, but keep after them until they're fair with you.” Alan Alda


art said...

Nice protest pictures. I am glad that you were not into overturning police cars and throwing rocks through store windows. It may get a lot more interesting if the three stooges gain power though. I hope some Liberals cross the floor and abandon the coalition.

CavDawg said...

My favourite sign is the one in Russian. Because, well, it's in Russian.