Monday, 15 December 2008

Cold Shoulders

I was shoveling the other day, and planned to push my brother into the waist-high snowbank, but I forgot to. Not that it mattered. He threw himself into the snowbank to cool off from the shoveling. I'm sure there'll be ample opportunity to push him some other time this season. My dad said it's about 30 degrees below zero today. Even for us Calgarians, that's considered cold... although, despite the title of this post, it's usually my fingers that get cold, not my shoulders. I am so glad that I don't have to stand around outside, watching my hair freeze, waiting for buses anymore. I am DONE FINALS and can take a break!

I'm a little disappointed because I'm used to being at least within the top five students in most academic settings, but I have the official results for one class already, and I placed 60th out of 115 people in the class. It's largely my fault, because had I really tried to read the material and study (as opposed to just recall the lecture notes on the day of the exam) I would have done better. But I claim that I should not have had to put a lot of effort into it. The professor did not do a good job of teaching, but was very vague, wordy, and repetitive... and generally quite dull. A very nice man, but I did not benefit from his teaching style. And I'm not sure how anyone could do well on those multiple choice exams. I pretty much gave up trying to figure out what the questions were asking and just looked at the key terms, then decided which three of the four "answers" were furthest removed from them.

I suppose this is an example of a self-serving bias. I attribute my success to myself and my failures to outside circumstances... at least partially. That being said, I attribute my success to outside circumstances somewhat, too, so maybe I'm not completely irresponsible.

Anyway, Stephane Dion has been given the boot by his own party, and shall be replaced by Michael Ignatieff. He'll be serving as the interim Liberal leader until it can be finalized next year. Ignatieff seems a little more grounded that Dion (or Layton), and he's got a lot to lose, unlike Dion, so he may not try to push the coalition through come January. We'll see.

Meanwhile, if you want to see the final straw that got Dion ditched last week, you can find it here. I don't feel like posting his big long boring speech on my blog. Suffice to say, it's more interesting to know that although it's a national address, it came to the TV stations over an hour late (thus didn't even make it to air in some cases), was out of focus (at least his face is - you can read the books on the shelf behind him), and the general consensus is that it must have been recorded spur of the moment on a webcam or cell phone or something. The unprofessionalism is appalling. And when it's compared to the PM's address... hah.

"What's on your mind? If you'll forgive the overstatement." Fred Allen


CavDawg said...

We're finally getting snow down here in Utah. It's late this year for us, and it's not terribly deep yet.

art said...

It is too cold to be outside. Fortunately, this cold does not usually last long. I am sure Justin was very thankful for you helping him.

Here is a multiple choice question I thought up that would be good to put on a multiple choice test.

How many months have 30 days in them?
a. 12
b. a) - c) f)
c. 4
d. b) c)
e. d) a)
f. 3)

Anonymous said...

Ahh...yes. It brings back wonderful memories of university...
Congrats on the scholarship, honey!!