Friday, 3 October 2008

Elections for Dummies

I'm getting kind of excited because I get to vote in my first federal election on the 14th. I'm not too excited about the advertisements on display by Elections Canada, however. I am officially unexcited enough to write the local newspaper about it. I don't know whether it'll get published or not, but just in case it doesn't, I'll publish it here, too.

"I'm not sure when billboards with cursing on them became acceptable and I'm both disgusted and surprised that the Canadian government thinks it is. I have seen several of the “Just Vote Dammit” ads set up in and around the C-train stations, visible not only to people who think it's hip and cool to use foul language, but also to families and children and other people who would rather not be exposed to such tastelessness. I know that ads must relate to their target group – which I'm assuming in this case is post-secondary students – but if all the ads relate to is our perceived collective immaturity, then I'm not sure why the government would expect us to make mature choices concerning whom we decide to vote for. Respectable citizens will vote, and the government should encourage that in respectable ways."

Thus it endeth. I mean, I know that Alberta has the lowest young voter turnout of the country, and that's not a point of provincial pride. But if people are stupid and lazy enough that they don't want to use twenty minutes of their time to vote, then if by some miracle they actually do vote (due to the cursing, presumably), I really doubt they're going to be the type of person who's going to vote the way I want them to.

“Alright guys, I want to get out there and vote tomorrow. And not because it's cool, because it's not. You know what is cool? Smoking. Smoke while you vote.” Jon Stewart

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art said...

I have no problem with other people not voting. It gives my vote more weight. Besides, people who are too stupid to vote should be ruled by the smart people because smart people will make better choices for the country and the common good then what stupid people would choose.