Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I'm All Over the Place

But currently sitting around at the uni.

Wow... eleven days since I last updated, and apart from proudly announcing that Stephen Harper is once again Prime Minister, and that Alberta is only one seat short of being entirely Conservative, I don't have much to report. Unless you wanted to know my current grades in school, which would mean you're either family or have no life.

Actually, I guess that's not quite all I have to report. My sister is now officially graduated, and it was good to visit with extended family over Thanksgiving. Gabriella is so stinking cute! The game of football with just me and my sister and... what was it, fourteen guys... was more embarrassing than it was anything else, though I do pride myself for the one tag I made that saved my team from an even more humiliating defeat.

I've been asking a lot of questions recently. Questions like "Why are they called midterms when they extend throughout the entire semester?" and "What's a caucus and how do you spell it?" Also, "How do you pronounce 'Sikh'?" "Would getting a tattoo on my ankle cause me grief later in life if I try to do missionary work?" "What's the difference between blind faith, 'good' faith, and rational belief?" "Why don't most people my age vote?" "Who gave the okay to put Vista on the market, and where does he live?" "Does anyone else in university think Freud was a fruitcake?" "Is hypnotism dangerous spiritually?" "How can the transit train be so full after only two stops?" "Is it even possible to beat Fire Emblem 6 hard mode without cheating?" and, perhaps most importantly as I'm being graded on this one: "Do music videos released between the years 2003-2008 inclusive show more religious images than music videos released between the years 1993-1998 inclusive?"

Anyways, looking back at some of my former posts, I've noticed that in many of my earlier posts I was expressing my opinion on something. Recently I've been mostly asking questions. So instead of another question I shall state an opinion here: King Baldwin the Fourth of Jerusalem was a respectable guy. If I got to have dinner with five dead guys, I think the current guest list would include C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Winston Churchill, Sophie Scholl, and King Baldwin. Actually, talking to Moses or Elijah or Ezekiel would be pretty cool, too.

As an aside, one of my profs mentioned that the polls proclaiming Obama and McCain to be in dead heat are probably quite wrong. The only people polled are people with landlines. There are record numbers of registered young voters with only cells and no landlines. The "young people" demographic tends to support Obama, so Obama's probably doing better than the polls show. Makes sense to me.

It is the nature, and the advantage, of strong people that they can bring out the crucial questions and form a clear opinion about them. The weak always have to decide between alternatives that are not their own.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Anonymous said...

I don't know this King Baldwin the Fourth dude. Tell me about him.

Anonymous said...

"Would getting a tattoo on my ankle cause me grief later in life if I try to do missionary work?"
is this you actually thinking about getting a tattoo? do it! i don't think it'll be a problem. unless it's something obscene. which i highly doubt you will do.

"Who gave the okay to put Vista on the market, and where does he live?"
AHHAHAHAHAHAHA so true. i want to know this as well.

"How can the transit train be so full after only two stops?"
i thought this morning... while being trapped between the wall and a large man. O_o

Kirk said...

I agree! Why are midterms called midterms??? You usually get two or three of them in the semester. (Although my past three actually were in the middle of the term...) Well, maybe some of them are named correctly. But what would we call the others? quarter-term? third-term? two-thirds-term big dreadful exam?

art said...

First a tattoo, then a piercing, and next thing you know, you will look like a circus freak. Where will this madness end?

I am not sure which 5 dead people I would like to meet. It would be interesting to meet the person or alien who built/designed the pyramids. I don't think I would like to meet any nasty people though - they don't inspire me.