Saturday, 13 September 2008

Is There a Line?

So here's an ethical dilemma that's been on my mind recently. I realize it's extremely hypothetical, but I'd still like to have some conviction on the matter:

Suppose some big, nasty government takes over Canada, strips away democracy, starts killing and torturing people randomly, brainwashing people with evil ideas, etc. etc. As bad as you can imagine it. This is a force to be resisted to the utmost degree.

Underground resistance groups begin to form, but due to the insurgents, the new awful government is forced to crack down, performing even more random searches and arrests and such. You are a part of this resistance movement, and have a whole stash of weapons to hide.

The only place near you that this regime has left alone, and neither searched nor destroyed, is your community church, because, for some reason, this regime respects the idea that churches are sanctuaries and houses of worship.

Supposing that you could be relatively certain that you would not be discovered, would you hide your stockpile of weapons inside this community church? Please comment.

From Battlestar Galactica:

(After nuking one of their own civilian ships)
Commander Adama: I gave the order, Son. It was my responsibility.
Captain Lee Adama: I pulled the trigger. That's mine.


art said...

Are you expecting an invasion from the USA? I am not sure they would give churches favourable status. During their war of independence, I heard there were cases where they would lock people in a church and then burn it to the ground. Anyway....

If this scenario were to play out, after thinking about it I would NOT store weapons in the church. It is not because of spiritual issues, but pragmatic issues. Spiritually, the church is just a building - neither sacred nor secular. The spirit of God resides in people, not buildings. On that basis, I would have no problems storing weapons of destruction in the church. However, on the pragmatic side, if you start storing weapons in the church, it is inevitable that the government would eventually find out and once they found out, it would mandate them to remove the safe sanctuary status of all churches. Then in the end, we would not have any place of free gathering away from the infidels which would be worse than the temporary advantage gained by hiding weapons.

CavDawg said...

I agree with Art in principle, the only difference being that I'd go ahead and store the weapons in the church if I was reasonably sure I could get away with it.