Wednesday, 3 September 2008

First Impression

'Tis orientation week at the uni. Thus far I have gotten a free t-shirt, laundry bag, frisbee, pen, New Testament, day planner, pizza, ticket to a theatre production, and another free Christian book. I got there late on the first day, and so missed out on the free tote bag, and somehow today I missed the free mugs. Nuts. I also a got a free pass to a nightclub downtown, but the picture of the topless lady on it leads me to think that I probably will not use it. Oh! And oh, joy, there is a campus map in the day planner! I'm so happy. I've never gotten hopelessly lost there yet, but sufficiently lost enough to waste a fair amount of time.

I actually know more people on campus than I remembered I knew. I keep bumping in to more people. Or rather, I hear someone call my name. I'm rarely observant enough to notice them first. Odd thing is, most of the people are guys. I thought I knew more college-age girls than guys, but either I'm mistaken, or the girls are shunning the uni. If that's the case, I wonder if they're just shunning the U of C, or post-secondary schools altogether. Hmm...

I got to watch a play today about college life. It was very well done, but I'm already getting a sense of the spiritual flavour on campus: almost not even tolerant - just all around dry, although there is a multi-faith chapel. It was quite cheering to see the Campus for Christ club being among the first people to greet the new students.

I did learn something today, which didn't happen yesterday due to a massive scheduling error on the school's part. It's funny how quickly you're bombarded on campus with information on STDs (I refuse to euphemize by calling them STIs). I suppose I'm comparing to homeschooling and Sunday School, although even St. Mary's Uni didn't smash it all in your face like the U of C. The pictures were quite repulsive. Yet for all that, no one said "don't be promiscuous", just "have safer sex", which I suppose is actually a small victory, insofar as no one said "have safe sex".

Engineers have all the fun. I wish there were a shrinking hallway, liquid oxygen pond (at least, I think that's what it was), and doorway to nowhere in MY house. And I've always contemplated how much square footage you lose when you paint a room, but I've never contemplated how much larger a rock gets every time you paint it. One of the decorative rocks at the U of C has been painted so many times, the paint itself is now over an inch thick.

So I'm looking forward to hanging out at my cousin's apartment and getting my new Japanese friend settled into Canadian university life. It'll be an interesting year. I think I'm definitely going to have to get involved in one of the Christian groups there.

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” C. S. Lewis


Anonymous said...

well now. you got alot more free stuff than i did. :\ i am slightly jealous right now. haha. all i got was a lame t-shirt for my program and a binder/portfolio/paper holder thing. haha.
haha. i heard about the whole... "SEX!" thing at u of c! haha. we didn't get ANY of that at sait.
oh post secondary! such an interesting time thus far. :P

Aimee said...

a free laundry basket? Where was I? University is "interesting" indeed. It gets even more intersting when you live on campus. Also, and the Backalley nightclub thing you got, from what I hear, I wouldn't go there. It's the sketchiest nightclub around fondly known as the "crackalley." At least you a some free t-shirts to compensate for the largely negative university experience. Oh well. I'll see you at school.

Kirk said...

Oh fun (or not...)! I remember orientation at my college. We watched a nice video about how rape can happen...or something like that. Actually though, most of the worst things I heard were at orientation and after that it's been hardly anything. I mean, I've hear people swearing, but that is about all.

But then I never lived on my campus, just apartments near by with friends. And I am a hermit, so I don't go out a lot. :)

art said...

Do you know what the statistics are for dropouts at the UofC? When I went to the University, they told me it was about 1 out of 3. I would think the crack heads and boozers are likely the ones that end up quitting.