Sunday, 17 August 2008

What was that?

So my church's soccer camp starts tomorrow. I've never been one for much soccer - I'll run the length of the field then bag out. I don't know why. I was really good at endurance where dance was concerned. This week will be interesting.

On a completely different note, I think my brain is structured in such a way that I would be mistaken for someone born a hundred years ago, rather than two decades ago. I do not multi-task. I can't even listen to music and work at the same time. I either listen to the music and sluff the work or do the work and ignore the music. And if I'm listening to music, I either listen to the beat and bass line or I listen to the lyrics, not both. And oh, how embarrassing it is when I try to take an order on drive-thru at Timmy's while carrying on a conversation with someone else simultaneously. Everyone else can do it. Just not me. Now, I can drink from a straw and walk at the same time, which is a step up from one of my aunts, but I do not hold the same capability to do seven things at once like my sister does (listen to music, 4 MSN conversations, homework, write a blog post, etc.)

The only time I multi-task is when I'm listening to lectures. I doodle. And write notes when appropriate. I'm not sure how I've managed to be a successful babysitter with this deficiency.

I think my absent-mindedness goes hand-in-hand with my inability to multi-task. If I'm thinking of something, I'm only thinking of one thing. Part of me hears what you're saying to me, but it doesn't get processed because I'm still analyzing what you said half a sentence ago, and taking that off onto tangents. I continue smiling and nodding, but I'm not understanding anything. *Helpful hint- zoned off look and lack of annoying questions = Wanderer is in her own world.* Hah! Another meaning behind the name the Wanderer - it's the state my mind is in. Hence the post title, which is doubtless my catch-phrase in conversations as I realize I didn't pay attention to what you just said.

Also, because I'm a visual learner, rather than someone who learns from hearing, I don't have the conversation stored away somewhere in my memory to recall later, except for the odd, rare occasion. And if I manage to do some task while thinking of something different, I won't remember the details of the task, or even necessarily that I did it.

Does anyone know any ways I could combat this? Oh, me. I'm going to have to start wearing sticky-note reminders.

“No, but I feel it. I'm not worried about the looks. I'm worried about the sensation of my brain being eaten. ... What did you ask me?” Joaquin Phoenix


Rachel said...

this is exciting. someone else i know that has blogger too! joyus!

i am a visual learner too! it's insane.
example: in high school (online school) my math teacher would call me and go through a problem over the phone with me. HA! it would go STRAIGHT over my head. ridiculous!

timothy said...

Not sure about the multi-tasking bit but I do have some tips for memory.

Two things that have helped me is increase my memory ability are:

Memorizing a large passage of the bible (at least a chapter, preferabbly a book)

Learning an organized language like Greek.

Both thos things hav helpd to organise mi mynd.


Although really your root issue is, you probably didn't do enough chatting when you were younger. Tisk Tisk.
(If you ask my father the inability to multi-task is actually an advantage as it is in small supply)

Bri said...

Tehehe I didn't really know that about you! Multi-tasking is pretty fun... but the ability to focus on one thing at a time is probably a good skill too (I get bored and distracted when I try)... and you do really well at the stuff you focus at!

Kirk said...

Ah! I thought it was just my dad and I who shared this problem!

I have learned the (perilous?) art of nodding and saying "uhhuh", "yeah", "hmmm" while giving interested looks but my mind is not there at all and I truly have no idea what was just said.
But I do focus very well. And then I have to shake the focus out of my head in order to hear what someone else is telling me.

I don't think it's anything to combat. You just swallow your pride and ask people to repeat things again while you listen closer. And you organize yourself so you don't have to do more than one thing at a time. (i.e. trying to do homework for two classes at once doesn't work)

art said...

Maybe you cannot listen to two conversations at once because the colors get confused. Perhaps your brain turns multiple conversations into a rainbow trout sort of picture.