Thursday, 21 August 2008

Monsieur Poisson

Sigh... well, my pet beta (or Siamese Fighting Fish, which sounds cooler) of almost three years finally kicked the bucket yesterday.

RIP Monsieur Poisson, thanks for being a part of the family.

He actually lived a lot longer than anyone expected him to. My theory is that he was half brain-dead, and therefore used energy only half as quickly as a healthy fish, enabling him to live twice as long as one. I don't think I've posted anything before about the incident that left him "special". As I left him unattended in a cup one day (I was cleaning his plastic aquarium), he made a bid for freedom which was ultimately successful. Good thing for him, I found him on my bedside table soon enough to save him, but he was never quite the same afterwards.

Family friends compared his tendencies to the tendencies of a plastic goldfish - he'd just bob along the top of the water, doing nothing at all until someone would come along and give his house a good shake. Silly fish.

Aw, I'll miss him, swollen eyes, raggedy fin and all, even if he was just a fish.

"I'm gonna live forever, or die trying." Joseph Heller


art said...

Sad. We will miss the fish (whatever its name was...) May the next one also have long life.

Anonymous said...

The fishes name was mousiern puosso