Wednesday, 13 August 2008

All in a Day's Work

Bwah ha! So here I am playing secretary at my church because both the regular secretary and the other intern are off carousing or doing something "more important". I enjoy this feeling of importance and power it gives me (am I being bad to feel that in a church?)

Anyways, two little kids are running around, using a balloon pump to blow air into my face and telling me about ginger root. A lady keeps calling because one of the pastors hasn't returned her call yet. All in all, however, things are rather slow and under control, which leaves me to... answer the phone and speak to an accented man who is calling to inquire whether the church has a dating service. After informing him that the church does have a group for young adults, but that it's not a dating service, he says "Oh... well, you sound nice. Could I buy you a coffee?" Stunned into turning him down with nothing more imaginative than "No... I'm sorry," I began wondering how often this sort of things happens at the church. He replied, "No? Are you sure? I could buy you something nice." Again I turned him down, but said he would be more than welcome to come to church on Sunday. He said that I was breaking his heart and asked me once more. I said no, I'm sorry, so he finally hung up, sounding quite disappointed.

For all the times I've grown frustrated with this job, I have to say I'm still very happy to have it. The other intern has just returned and informed me that the phone call was a practical joke from the youth pastor's brother-in-law and himself. Gotta love these people :-D

He was a great patriot, a humanitarian, a loyal friend; provided, of course, he really is dead.” Voltaire


Kirk said...

Ha! that is quite amusing.

art said...

What??? When did the church abandon its dating service? At least you did not say anything that would come back to haunt you. I would have told the caller that, yes, the church does have a dating service but it operates from a separate division called "Rocky Mountain Bridal College". It costs a bit of money to join but once accepted, there is a reasonable possibility you will end up in a relationship. Then I would have offered the caller information on the college.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's nice to see that you're all being very productive there at work... :)
If I were your boss, I'd whip you all into shape!

Bri said...

Tehehehe that's a great joke I should try something like that

Adam said...

bwahaha, that was awesome.