Saturday, 5 July 2008

Camp of the Family

The picture is of the beautiful Miss Emily, and some of the kids from family camp.

Well, happy belated Canada Day, Independence Day, and Happy B-Day, BJ!

Family camp (where I was known as "Tangent"... see if you can guess why) was definitely a worthwhile experience. The ups and downs of being a leader... It was an interesting week, to say the least. I learned a few things about myself.

Slight scare: after each "Sunday School" session we would dismiss the kids to go do whatever they wanted, except for those six and under, who would have to be signed out by a guardian. I accidentally dismissed the kids too early one day, before the adults were released from their own studies. The mistake was quickly realized, and most of the kids from my group were called back into the gym, but two girls were already off and gone. Not too big of a deal, because they were old enough to be released on their own, anyways, but I neglected to check for them during lunch. I didn't see them all day, and they didn't show for the evening campfire. Logically, there wasn't much reason to think something might have happened to them, but one naturally worries about little kids - especially when the fate of these little kids would be on one's own head. And there are plenty of ways for two unsupervised little girls to get hurt in a camp. Thankfully, both girls were just fine. They had spent the rest of the day with "Katy's grandma", apparently, because it had been her birthday. Still, I was quite relieved to see them again.

There were some issues with the curfew, which got frustrating. Despite the fact that I was their "leader", most of the girls on-team were never in the cabin on time, despite promising to be. And I got a little lip from some of them, as well, though thankfully, it wasn't from the girls from my church.

I was emotionally up and down all week. I'm really weird for that this summer. Co-leader Andrew must think I'm a nutcase.

Some happier things about family camp:
1)Emily! (aka River) I am very thankful that there was someone else my own sex, age, and approximate maturity around. It was great getting to know her better this past week.

2)The kids! Ohh... I miss Jared and Josie... I know I'll see a bunch of the kids at church again tomorrow, but I sure won't see them all. And it's not the same informal context. The kids were all awesome. Well, I guess kids were the reason I wanted this job in the first place.

3)Taylor and Andrew's fight scenes. Especially the one where Taytay was a cow and rolled the whole way down the hill. Kudos, seriously.

Everyone did a great job teaching their small groups. It was neat to see how the team rose to each occasion. And I must applaud Mrs. Franzen and Mrs. Little for all the energy and time they drained into this camp. Seriously, I don't know how you do something like that while you're sick or in the process of moving, planning three more daycamps, and making travel plans to Uganda. Insanity!

And the thunderstorm that blew in on the last day was pretty spectacular.

From Finding Nemo, because I had goofy emotions last week: "No! It's because I like you, I don't want to be with you. It's a... complicated... emotion."

P.S. Everyone see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I'm kind of tiring of the Evolution/Creation debate, but this is different enough to be really interesting. Ben Stein has some important things to say.


CavDawg said...

Just today I cast an idle thought Canada-ward wondering when you'd post again. I guess you were at camp.

Welcome back.

Do you have a link or anything for the evolution/creationism debate? I'm vaguely interested in looking at it.

Bri said...

I really liked the pics on Facebook of family camp! Nice to get an update on your life.

art said...

I have also tired of the creation debate. It has been going on for years and I suspect it will go on for many more years yet. I did enjoy that video clip about the inner workings of the cell. Quite interesting.