Friday, 13 June 2008

Lesson in Etiquette

What not to do:

Today over supper my cousin mentioned that he had shaved everyday during YC. My brother, eager to be a part of the conversation, asked him why. My cousin replied so that he wouldn't have a mustache. My brother was confused as to why that would be a problem. "Even Brianna and Carla have slight mustaches," he said. In the stunned silence that followed, he clarified, "Very slight mustaches."

Oh, my dear brother. My cousin, laughing, said that he had never thought he would have to actually tell Justin that you don't mention girls' facial hair - ever. Justin is actually very intelligent in many things... just didn't see what the problem was in this particular situation. What a goof. :)

And no, neither my sister nor I have mustaches. Just that practically invisible stuff that everyone has everywhere except their hands and feet.

Speak the truth, but leave immediately after. " Slovenian proverb


Anonymous said...

Ah, too funny!!!! That's my boy! Obviously there are still some things we need to cover in homeschooling...

CavDawg said...

A good thing you included the closing paragraph. Here I was noting the painful irony of your mentioning how unmentionable your mustache is.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. i have to say.. this actually made me laugh out loud. definately sounds like something my brother would say. haha.
kristin :)

art said...

Well maybe if you start using some of those steroids that promote muscle growth, you will be able to get an impressive mustache. Maybe even grow a beard. (Please don't)