Friday, 2 May 2008

So That's What Stinks...

My psychology textbook tells me that the rate of smokers in North America has dropped drastically in the last couple of decades.

Only 25% of people above the age of 12 smoke!!!

And the excitement of the authors dripped off the page. Doesn't that just make your day?

Reid: Garcia, we're sending you some cigarettes.
Garcia: Why not a flesh-eating virus? It'll be faster and far less painful.


Bri said...

Smoke on a regular basis or have tried a cigarette? I'm sure the majority of my co-workers have tried a cigarette but don't smoke as a habit. Still, it's sad and gross.

art said...

I have always thought smoking is repugnant and have not even been tempted to smoke. 25% seems high if it means "smoke on a regular basis". When I was young, it seemed most people smoked but it is not like that today.