Thursday, 8 May 2008

Just Wandering...

Topic 1: Up to this point in time, whenever I went wandering, I was truly gone, because I didn't understand smoke signals, and didn't have a cell.

Now I do. That is, I have a cell phone. I still don't understand smoke signals.

Topic 2: Up to this point in time, whenever I went wandering, I couldn't stray far, because I could only pull out so much money from my bank account each day. Nor could I write any cheques, because I hadn't any.

Now I have a credit card on its way. And some cheques.

Topic 3: I'm pretty sure there's something that I should be doing right now, but I can't remember what it (or they) is (or are).

Ogden's law:
The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.

No, wait! One more.
Topic 4:
My brother now has Fire Emblem 6 for us. Yaaayyy!


CavDawg said...

Beware of credit cards!


It makes me infinitely happy, by the way, that you are a Fire Emblem fan.

Kirk said...

Cell phones can sometimes be more confusing than smoke signals...that is, if you want them to do any of those other things they can do besides calling people.

But truly, I think it would be fun to learn to read smoke signals...

art said...

I like the technology of cell phones. You can take pictures, videos, play music, do rudimentary math, use it as a stop watch, a timer, play games, surf the net and more. I wonder what it would have been like to have a cell phone when I was your age.