Thursday, 10 April 2008

Ramblings for the Day

So, I thought I would try a little "Stream of Consciousness" post today.


If we integrate secant x squared, then the answer is tangent x plus a constant. The dy/dx of sine x is cosine x, but if we integrate sine x, the answer is negative cosine x plus C. I need to review the second fundamental theorum. Maybe Dad will help me study before the third quiz on Monday. Definitely have to go over partial fractions and that dumb integration by parts technique. And trig! Okay, the dy\dx of the inverse sine of x is one over the square root of one minus x squared. Is one over the absolute value of x times the square root of x squared minus one the differential of arcsec x or arccsc x? Wait, wait, wait. I don't even remember what an inverse trigonometric function means! Ahhh! If sine pi/6 is equal to 1/2, then what's the arcsin? Is it arcsin 1/2 = pi/6, or is does x remain the same and so become arcsin pi/6 = something else? Oohhh, dear. Calculus does not like me this semester. No wait! This isn't calculus! I'm having trouble with trigonometry... grrrr... Dumb math. Can't wait to get home and study. Bah! My cheeseburger from the cafeteria was good today. The fire alarm was mildly exciting. I wonder if the guy that actually asked us to get up and out of the building was a guard or otherwise employed at St. Mary's, or just a concerned student that everyone obeyed. I'm not sure. Although, in my defense, I was about to leave of my own volition, having decided that too many people die because they ignore fire alarms and that the alarm was really loud and gratiating. Yay fire truck and decked out firemen! I took a couple pictures. No, there wasn't actually a fire. But I do currently need to go to the bathroom. With the amount of time it will take me to title, post, and proofread this for dumb mistakes and free-flying commas, I'll probably have just enough time to hit the female facilities, scuttle into class, ask my classmate for her autograph, mooch some paper off her, and date and label it before class starts.

Ok, then! I do plan to write something on ethics later... just not right now.

Brianna: I guess I shouldn't drink the windshield fluid, should I?
Dad: Well, it would certainly quench your thirst. You would never be thirsty again.


Bri said...

Hahaha yay firemen!
So is windshield fluid like the living water God gives us? Or is it different?

Carla said...

Hmm, interesting concept. I don't think windshield fluid is like living water, but maybe we can draw a comparison to something...

Lessee... it keeps our vehicle running, but it's poisonous to us. So maybe if we consider the van to represent the Church (because it's how we can get places/ make a difference), then the windshield fluid is like money. We need to give some to the Church to keep it running, but too much money ourselves, and we become corrupted.

Bri said...

So if we put too much windshield fluid in the van it ruins it? tehe

Carla said...

I don't know. We could do an experiment.

Anonymous said...

Let's not.
Your mother and part-owner of the van