Monday, 17 March 2008

And These People Sure Make Us Look Bad...

I was going to post something of more substance once I had the time, but this was too good to pass up. Anyone who thought Swan Lake was for pansies is about to proven very wrong.

I used to do pointework in ballet, but I can't say that I had this girl's insane sense of balance. She's like a plank, I tell you! Doesn't even flinch! I wonder how old she is.

Does anyone else want to play leapfrog? I guess that number had to be renamed from "Dance of the Seven Swans" to "Breakdance of the Four Frogs".

As for the pointework, I didn't even notice the spotter come in until the second time I watched this. He's there during the apparently "difficult" bit where the girl's on top of the guy's head, then leaves once the tough stuff is done. I guess if there's a spotter, that means it's probably legit, and she's not being held up with strings or anything.

One thing I don't understand, though, is how she manages to spin around while she's on his head, because she has no momentum, and he doesn't appear to spin her. Oh, well. Did you notice he was wearing some sort of head gear, there?

Wow, as a former dancer, I'm insanely jealous...

Could you imagine crossing this break/ballet dancing with castelling? I would definitely pay to see that!

While I'm talking about dancing, I should quote one of my former dance mates, Deanna McLennan (now Witwer):

The answer to all of life's problems and questions can be answered by one of these: God or abdominal strength.

Or, perhaps, insane balance?

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Bri said...

That dancing was downright incredible!! I wish I could do that.