Thursday, 21 February 2008

Sock Stock Depleted

My birthday is next month. I'm hoping for some socks. I never have enough socks. Yesterday my mom did a little laundry for me (thanks Mom!). She got confused because many of my socks had no partners. I explained to her that once a sock gets a hole in it, I throw it out, but keep its pair to wear with some other sock. Yes, these are fashion socks, not plain white socks, so the mismatchedness is blatantly obvious. Like I said, I'd like more socks.

Brianna's in Regina for the month, now. *Pout*

Can anyone explain to me Dietrich Bonhoeffers "unreligious interpretation" or "religionless Christianity"? I have to do a presentation on it. Maybe once I can wrap my head around it, I'll post on it.

Well, on to homework!

I'm sorry, sir, but you seem to be wearing my socks.” Panic Squad

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CavDawg said...

Running out of socks is a persistent problem for me, but it's more closely related to my unwillingness to wash them. However, my white socks seem to wear out faster than my black ones, and I may never know why.

On a related note: I like to wear mismatched socks. Specifically, I wear a white sock on my right foot and a black on my left. When I was teaching English in Russia, this actually was a great conversation-starter. Hooray!