Monday, 28 January 2008

A New Hobby

Take a look at what I've been up to lately! Ok, so I haven't actually been castelling, but I think it'd be fun!

I don't really have much to add to this blog right now. I've been thinking on some interesting topics lately, but haven't developed opinions well enough to write about them here. But, deciding that I really must try to keep up to at least two posts a month, I am embedding here a video I found. You may call me crazy, but I think castelling looks like a lot fun. At least, I'd like to travel to Catalonia some time to see them live.

How brave must those kids be to climb all the way to the top! The kid in this video looks like she's about seven. I'm not sure why the ones on top got helmets, but not the children beneath them. You'd think that if one those helmeted kids fell and banged heads with an unhelmeted person, things could very well be nastier than if neither were wearing a helmet. Anyway, YouTube has lots of castelling videos, and some of them have pretty spectacular falls - but not this one (probably because fate knows they're prepared for it, what with their helmets and all).

I counted nine levels of people here. Well, I feel I've got to do something to make this post more substantial, so I'll draw a comparison between it being a child who ends up at the top of the tower and Christ's statement in Matt. 18:3-4 that if you wish to enter the kingdom of heaven, you must have faith like a child.... and tread on people underfoot... no wait... you didn't hear that. You must have a childlike faith... and allow your fellow Christians to support you on the journey! Ha! There we go. (Good thing the tower didn't fall, eh?)

“We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.” Werner von Braun

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art said...

Is this really your new hobby? Is the hobby watching the videos or is it actually climbing on people?

I am not sure how you would build redundancy into the castelling. To do so would mean each foot would need to rest on two shoulders. Not sure how that would work unless people had really big feet or used harnesses.

If each person was able to stand on two people (so each person only had one foot on his/her shoulder), to go 9 levels would require 511 people. Assuming the mass of every person is 60 kg, that means that each bottom person would be lifting 60 kg (which is doable). They would be lifting the heaviest load but they themselves could be big brutes as no one needs to lift them. Assuming the average height is about 175 cm, then the top person would be standing 14 meters of the ground. Assuming 4 meters per story, then that would be equivalent to standing 3.5 stories high. That could be scary.

You find the people and let's try it.