Thursday, 30 August 2007

Mi Familia Peruano

A few more people you must meet if you ever happen to find yourself wandering about Tarapoto, Peru:

Raquel - Actually, Raquel isn't in Peru right now; she's in the States at Bible School for four years. (After that, who knows where she'll be) She was our translator for the programs. When you first meet her, you think that she's all quiet and reserved. Then you learn the truth. I like her better the way she is :-) We were dance partners for the song "Monte de Zion". I'd belt out lines like "I don't know how to sing this song, but it doesn't matter, because the audience can't tell that I'm singing English, anyway," during the song, which would crack her up. I think we fed off of each other's energy. We'd always be laughing really hard by the end as we screamed out "FIESTA!!" probably twice as loud as anyone doing the dance. I miss her.

Margarita - Gianella's mom. We didn't really understand much of what each other were saying, but everyone understands laughter. Margarita and I really clicked. Whether she was calling me a troublemaker (travajesa in Spanish, though I'm sure that's not spelled right) for taking pictures of her house, trying to demonstrate very animatedly that there would be no water at a certain time, or telling me the names of all the parts of the dead chicken she was cooking for us were, we always ended up laughing. She knew me affectionately as Carlita. I'm really glad that I got to stay in her home...

Mariela - The youngest sister of Jean Pierre and Renato. Mariela and I made up a clapping game which became somewhat popular. When we went out for ice cream I tied one end of my magic rope to my wrist, and the other on hers, and called it a leash. She got a big kick out of that. She was sick with major headaches a lot of the time, but when she wasn't, she loved hanging out with us, and I sure loved having her around.

Melanie - Mariela's older sister. A very pretty girl. It was sometimes dangerous to go near her because we had a bit of a poking/tickling war going on between the two of us, but we were good friends. She was very eager to learn the actions to the Spanish songs we sang.

Oh... there are more! But I can't write about all of them, or you'll surely get bored. Doris would give back massages and candy to us, and Jany saved me from the cockroach... the games Heber and I played... but to be fair, I MUST mention the rest of the Fowler family (I've already mentioned Marcos).

Delwin and Techy, along with their kids, Marcos, Lucas, and Sarah were our hosts, and what wonderful hosts they were. I can't say much more than that. Many thanks and hugs to them all. I miss them so bad....

I fear you must sit through one more post of this, because I've yet to tell you about me team. After that, I'll either recount my favourite Peru memories, or get on with other posts.

Because it was so commonly repeated in Peru: "Embrace me!" - Dante, to multiple girls (he didn't want them to fall off his motocycle, and didn't quite understand why this got some giggles in reply)


Art said...

I enjoyed reading all your blogs. You must have done a lot of crying out there. It is hard to say goodbye. I am sure you made an impact in those people's lives.

Bri said...

What is a magic rope?

Kristin said...

i love reading about all the people you met in peru! can't wait to hear more stories and see more pictures! love, me!