Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The Ganso is Still Home...

1) A scenic shot of Peru 2) Some girls I spent a lot of time dancing around with 3) My host family and me - Juan, Juan's mom, Grecia, Margarita, me, Gianella, Jany 4) The red truck we rode everywhere in 5) Performing "Light of the World" 6) Me and my fuzzy-haired Marcos

And so my list continues, even though no one has commented on my previous post yet.

In Peru:

24. There is no such thing as a clothes dryer. Gotta love clothes lines - out of windows, on roofs, in carports...
25. The windows don't have glass, just a screen.
26. While in Peru, if you leave a belonging out in the open, it is no longer just yours, it is now ours. This includes water bottles.
27. The guys all smell good - that is, they all wear the perfect amount of cologne.
28. Actually, Peruvian guys - even the young ones - are just preppy in general. Fourteen-year-olds taking combs with them when they go out? Not often in Canada.
29. While we're talking about guys, they're much more open, emotionally, in Peru. Also quite charming, and much more forward. (Some pros, some cons)
30. Gringo is not an offensive term in Peru, simply the term they all call you by. Nevertheless, correct them. Gringos are American. We are Canadian, and therefore Gansos (geese).
31. Ladies, make like a bag of apples and don't respond in any manner to the multitude of whistles and catcalls issued forth by the Peruvian males.
32. When it rains, it goes "BOOM" and starts to pour, instead of starting light and getting heavier.
33. Every village has a plaza.
34. Every plaza has a large decorative water fountain in the middle.
35. The water fountains never have any water in them.
36. Unlike Alberta, Peru is not rat-free.
37. The Spanish word for cockroach is cucaracha.
38. Geckos on your roof and walls are actually kinda cool.
39. The dirt in Peru is not clean dirt, unlike in most of Canada.
40. Peruvian timekeeping is always late. Always. Arrive late, leave late. Count on it.
41. There is no such thing as hot running water. Shower in the cold. If there is running water.
42. The milk is all "whole". It's ok for cereal, but tastes gross otherwise.
43. Peru is people/relationship oriented, unlike Canada, which is work/goal oriented.
44. It starts to get dark at about five in the afternoon.
45. It hits about 35 degrees (Celsius) at ten in the morning.
46. The garbage truck comes on whatever day it feels like, whatever time of day it feels like. (Like a thief in the night, to turn it into an object lesson) Always be ready for the blaring horn announcing the approach of the garbage truck!

I have just become aware that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Peru today. It lasted over a minute, and some buildings in Lima were damaged, and some towns around Lima had blackouts. Tsunami warnings have been issued. Tarapoto, where I was, is a fair distance away from Lima, and so my friends are almost certainly ok, but it scared me a little bit. Heber, the wonderful guy who cooked for us lives in Lima, so it'll be nice if I can find out how he is...

Quoting our host missionary, Delwin Fowler, on how to eat: "God created hands before He created forks."

My mom had to remind me to eat my chicken with a fork and knife today. Apparently I've become more Peruvian than I first thought :-)


Sandra said...

This is a great way to sum up your time in Peru for us!! Fun and interesting to read. By the way, congrats on the 2 scholarships!! :)

Bri said...

I love it when you make lists/points like that! Great to read. :)