Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The Ganso is Home...

1) Blowing balloons 2) Margarita and the chicken 3) Margarita and the ingiri 4) Raquel and I 5) Jean Pierre and I 6) Some girls and me... it was at a program. For those fives, I only remember the names Adriana and Geraldine.

I have returned safely from Peru! Did you miss me? There is so much to tell that I don't really have any idea how to go about telling. Therefore, I shall start with a list of thing about Peru that are obviously foreign to Canadians:

1. In Peru, don't flush your toilet paper. Put it in the garbage.
2. In fact, don't even expect there to be toilet paper. Bring your own.
3. Do NOT drink the water!
4. The fruit juice is actually fruit juice, not sugar-water.
5. You kiss strangers both hello and goodbye, but you don't actually have to kiss - just go cheek to cheek and make the sound. And only on one side of the face, not both.
6. Houses tend to lack walls and roofing in some places. It's all very open.
7. It's chicken and rice to eat, everyday, for as long as you're there....
8. The dogs and the chickens enjoy running about the street - watch your step.
9. Pedestrians have no right of way on any streets - I say it again: watch your step!
10. Do not wear socks on red wax floors, unless you wish to have pink socks.
11. As long as you're in Peru, you can hug a kid without having to worry about getting sued by the parents.
12. Some Peruvians can live without running water - but heaven forbid that they be without cable TV!
13. Peruvian kids are almost all extremely outgoing, yet simultaneously terribly afraid of being on stage.
14. You can ride everywhere in the back of the truck! Just not actually on top of the cab.
15. Speed limits are either non-existent or entirely ignored.
16. A stop sign means yield.
17. Motocars or motorcycles are the choice modes of transportation.
18. In addition to rice and chicken, you eat a lot of ingiri - known in English as plantain.
19. Back to chicken - if you desire to eat a chicken, you must first hack off its head and feet.
20. The rain gutters are predictably HUGE!
21. The Peruvian educational system expects a lot more from the kids than the Canadian or American ones do.
22. Black tarantulas will kill you. Brown ones only severely injure.
23. Soccer is called football.

That's good for now. I'll continue the list next post. It's good to be home, but I miss the people so bad....

To quote a friend from Peru, because it's funny:
Vikki: Ah! Smell my hand! Pepe sprayed cologne on me - now I smell like a man!
Dante: (smells Vikki's hand) Hm - smell like man. (smells Vikki's hair) Mm - smell like woman.

More on Peru soon!

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