Sunday, 17 June 2007

I've Been Tagged

My friend Emily tagged me on her blog, so now I apparently have no choice but to share seven random facts about me that you might not know. No promises, here. If you already know them, suck it up, sorry.

1. I have a sponsor kid from El Salvador named Ana Vanessa Mariona Gonzalez. She is currently seven years old and an absolute CUTIE!

2. I shop like a guy, apparently: find it, buy it. Very little comparing prices or window shopping for me. And it's definitely not something I'll ever make a hobby out of!

3. I am creating my own language which is, for lack of a better name, currently called Rhunic. See my sidebar, where I give a few example phrases. It's got its own form of artistic writing, too.

4. I enjoy playing Texas Hold 'Em (although I've never used real money...)

5. I am thinking of maybe, perhaps, just possibly getting into psychology for a formal career.

6. I'm not symmetrical. The right side of me is higher than my left; don't know how, whether it's my legs or shoulders or what, but I'm crooked, apparently. I can't tell, but the people at dance noticed it several times. Just ask my friend Sarah over at The Greenwood Musings. It's weird, really.

7. My little brother played me at chess and beat me the first game in four turns. The second game took him all of five.

Now I tag seven people? Sheesh, I don't know if seven people read this. But then again, it streams onto my Facebook account, so maybe they'll respond: favourite sister Brianna, second-cousin Kristin, college-mate Danielle, good friend Sarah, church friend Robyn, long-lost friend Jaclyn, and little sister's best friend's older sister Mikayla because I know she spends a lot of time on Facebook.

And now, moving on to other things. Work at Timmy's isn't too bad. There was one super-rude old guy who I had to serve last shift, but it was all ok because I found his repeated self-righteous exclamation of "G**, the manners in this place!" rather funny. I have to clean my uniform again, but I'm washing it so frequently that I'm not sure there's enough other stuff in the house to justify another wash load. And I must correct a spelling mistake I've been making: it's cappuccino, not cappucino.

We had an awesome Father's Day. I wrote Dad his card in binary, and we played a whole bunch of games (I didn't win anything), which was tons of fun. And we watched Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. The theology in that movie is hilarious. You'da thunk they'd at least do a little research before saying things like "The Israelites put the broken pieces of the Ten Commandments into the Ark..." and "The Bible tells of it leveling mountains and wasting entire regions," and "Didn't you ever go to Sunday School?" in the same breath. We laughed. And whoever thought that a falling statue would kill every snake in a snake pit? And Indy must have some muscles to be able to shove huge hunks of concrete around like that.

That's all for now. Peru in two weeks! Woot!

A rather random quote today:
My significant other at the moment is myself. That's what happens when you suffer from multipersonality disorder and self-obsession.” Joaquin Phoenix


Art said...

I knew some of the seven points. I never knew you were crooked though. Had I known, we would have called you Ilene instead of Carla.

Sandra said...

O.K., I had to explain that joke to Carla. Personally I found it hilarious and laughed for quite awhile. Good one, honey! :)