Monday, 14 May 2007

Truly Random

Some Truly Random Musings of the Wanderer:

1. It is near impossible to buy shorts that hang to your knees without ballooning out on the sides.

2. The Wanderer needs to buy many stamps and batteries, because she procrastinates badly if she doesn't have them.

3. Bianca is actually quite a nice name. And Leah. For a guy, Raphael isn't too bad; neither is Gabe.

4. Band-aids are a necessity.

5. It's very hard to make a list of 75 people to ask for financial support from, even if you're getting money to go on a mission's trip.

6. People who always say "Boy, this is awkward" get really annoying, fast. It's called silence. If you want to break the silence, say something intelligent, or at least amusing.

7. Welshies are the cutest breed of dog, ever.

8. The music from The Chronicles of Narnia is very easy to get stuck in your head. At least it's sort of ethereal sounding. I like it.

9. The Wanderer has yet to do devotions today. She bought a new study Bible recently, which she is quite happy about. Yay, footnotes!

10. Spiderman 3 makes a nice point about people always beeing able to make a choice between right and wrong. It misses the mark, though, on the repeated claim that Peter Parker is a "good person". (See the Good Person test)

11. GAH! I must find a job and start making money soon! And get the stuff for VTI together before they boot me off the mission's team!

12. Yesterday was Mother's Day. I love my mommy.

13. Mackenzie didn't come to Sunday School yesterday, but her twin brother did. I wonder why, and what that implies.

14. I haven't been witnessing at all recently. This is starting to grate on my nerves. Must... share... gospel. I feel like I'm wasting time, here....

15. I don't know how guys get by without purses.

"The only noodles we have are potatoes?" Justin, my brother, upon me showing him the "noodles" I was going to make for supper. Hey, the potatoes LOOKED like noodles to me, ok?


Logan said...


Boy, this is awkward... ;-)

You need batteries and stamps in order to prevent yourself from procrastinating? What?

Other than that tidbit, it's an interesting and thought provoking list of musings!

Oh, and us guys get by without purses just fine BECAUSE WE DON"T NEED EVERYTHING PLUS THE KITCHEN SINK TO GET THROUGH THE DAY! Goodness me, anyone who ever doubts there is an infinitely expanding universe should just see how much stuff can fit inside a women's purse. How women can cram all that stuff in there is beyond defies the laws of physics!

May 14, 2007 10:41 PM

Bri said...

I agree - shorts are such a pain to shop for.

I LOVE the name Leah... I think I sort of claimed it when I used it in my novel, uh? Gabe is sweet - I like that name too.

Nice thoughts, ilu <3