Tuesday, 1 May 2007

To Preach or Not to Preach? part II

This is in continuance of my last post. There was a letter sent by a Lawrence Irwin to City Light News about the issue. I can't find it on their website, but I have it sitting in hardcopy on my lap, so I'd like to quote a few lines, if you'd so allow me:

"...the Judge's decision a couple of weeks ago was not a judgement against us. It was that she decided to not make a decision, between the City of Calgary and Street Church... So at this time there is no court decision to stop Street Church from using amplification."

"To this day bylaw officers have not proven that Street Church has broken the noise bylaw. We have been given a decibel meter which measures the sound level, so we are making sure every time we are out ministering that we are within legal range."

"The tickets... are not valid. One ticket was for parking in the park but we have a valid permit for 2007... the head of Parks personally told me we could park one vehicle in the park. The other ticket was for jumping the curb, but they chained off the only entrance to the park, so there was no alternative."

"...we have tried without amplification at Triangle Park, and it is almost impossible to get the message across with two major roads running adjacent to the park."

"The traffic alone has been measured at 60 decibels. This is why we need a small amount of amplification to communicate..."

Hmmm... I'm not liking this situation either way. One way you have the Christians being stubborn rule-breakers, the other way you have the City taking out the Christians just because they're Christians. I still don't know exactly what's happening, but I suppose it could use a lot of prayer!

On a lighter note, I did two exams today - English and Philosophy - which means I have only one more to go. Yay! And also, my passport arrived this morning, only two weeks after I applied for it - Wow! My picture is something scary, but at least I have it.

Though I don't know what Terry Pratchett was talking about, I thought it applied to evangelism (amongst other things) pretty well - in particular, what could very well be going on with Pawlowski right now.

“It's not worth doing something unless you were doing something that someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing.” Terry Pratchett


Bri said...

Good points!
I was thinking of writing about this but you beat me to it. ;)

Hurrah for the passport!

Danielle B said...

Its not cause they are christians carla, its cause in that zone of the city you can't have loud speakers, there would have been bylaw officers and city officals if it was kids blaring music, or any other religion preaching. But because of the notion of Free Religion the church has disregarded everyone else in the neighbourhoods rights to be able to chose their own paths, cause they are forced to listen to it... they would be pissed off if they had to listen to mormons, or jewish communities, or muslims preach, or even if they were kids or a club blaring its music... calgary has rather strict noise bylaws, and it is nice to see calgary officials inforcing them, and following up on complaints and not allowing fear of being attact by a religious group for their actions

Carla said...

Danielle, I'm all for the bylaws being enforced, if he is breaking the laws. I'm just not sure he is. He might be, I don't know. I think I presented both sides of coin, here. Don't forget about the post right before it.