Thursday, 3 May 2007

A Post for Justin

WELL... I've been pretty much hooked on the game Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones for a while now, thanks to my brother. The other day he was like "When are you going to write about Fire Emblem on your blog?"... sooooo here it is (happy, J-man?). And that's a screen shot just to the left, of Princess Eirika and General Seth. Usually Justin's telling me what to do, but he had a dream last night that I was the tactician, telling HIM what to do. He was somewhat confused and alarmed by that, but I was rather flattered.

Some of Carla's random thoughts on Fire Emblem:
1. I must remember to use vulneraries. They exist for a reason.
2. Sethy-Wethy-Poo is a hottie.
3. Ephraim is usually pretty good, but he's being a bit lousy this time around. The prince needs hand-out stats!
4. Neimi, Amelia, and Lute ROCK!
5. Axes beat lances beat swords beat axes, and dark beats anima beats light beats dark.
6. Ewan and Ross are actually the same age, but Ross is about eighteen times larger, and needs to put a shirt on.
7. Franz and Amelia are the cutest couple ever.
8. I am very glad I can speed things up with the space bar.
9. The last chapter I beat, I beat BY MYSELF. Justin only showed up as I had one dude left to dispatch.
10. Don't forget Lute's bolting spell next chapter. (like JUSTIN did last time around!)
11. Justin and I have a tendency to shriek at the same time, which greatly annoys my sister.

Well, that's about it. The worldview of the game is very much "WE can defeat evil", which is a little sad, because evil can't be truly defeated without God, but I like the game, anyway.

Seeing as this entire post was about something pointless, I might as well finish it off with a few quotes from the same pointless source:

Colm: Hey you, have you seen a scary-looking woman?
Marisa: Is she your sister?

Dozla: Ah! What do I do? Wait. Just think. I must have run across something like this before. When Princess L'Arachel was a babe, and she would begin to cry... She would tug on my beard! That would always make her happy. C'mon, lassie, grab a handful of my beard and give it a good, strong yank!

Gilliam (big buff dude weighing about two-hundred pounds in sheer muscle): Whenever I'm training, people start to avoid me. It's not just that. Even animals run away from me when I'm at it.
Neimi (little lithe girl with bobbed pink hair): And you're just... You're just staring into the distance?
Gilliam: Yes. Standing perfectly still, staring into the distance.
Neimi: Maybe it's... because you look scary... I used to get that a lot. Cormag [ferocious and scarred warrior who has the guts to ride a dragon-like wyvern] said I was frightening him. He thought I was angry at him.
Gilliam: I look... scary? Hm... I have refined my scare to intimidate my foes in battle. You may have a point. No wonder people get scared when they see me glowering into the distance. You know, I might almost consider it a compliment of my knightly prowess!
Neimi: I have an idea... Perhaps if you smile, it might not be so scary.
Gilliam: ... Like this?
Neimi: ...
Gilliam: It's still scary, isn't it?
Neimi: Uh... Maybe it's because you're crossing your arms. How about... holding some flowers instead? That might help.
Gilliam: You want me to stare into the distance... smiling... and holding flowers?
Neimi: I think that would look good...


Anonymous said...

I am the first to comment. First, whoever I am, I have played Fire Emblem to and thinks the guy, (Ross)
doesn't need to put a shirt on. He doesn't have green chest hair like some people. (to let everyone know he is probably the best person in the game. Everyone buy Fire Emblem!
Fun Fact: People at Carla's school know she is hooked and tease her for not studying because of that.

Art said...

Well, I suppose I should be happy that you are not play Grand Theft Auto. I think the idea of good beating evil is not a bad theme to base a game on.

Sarah-Jane said...

Hi carla.
I aquiesed (sp) to your request...check it out...:)
and I have no difficulty picturing you and that game...sounds like fun...but shouldn't you be studying? tsk

Justin said...

More people need to post! Only 2 people and I have commented! Post Post Post!

Bri said...

Aha yes the shrill shrieking can get irritating when you are trying to study.

Sandra said...

...or when you're trying to sleep... :)

Aimee said...

Hey Carla, I feel really special becaues I actually knew the subject of which your blog was based on. Wooo! I'm glad I watched you play and I recognized a few quotes! Keep beating the game!

Caitlin said...

Can I just say how ridiculously happy it makes me to randomly come across another person in this world that:
- is a Christian (disciple of Christ, whatever)
- loves Fire Emblem (furthermore, Seth/Eirika and Franz/Amelia)
- knows about/watches/likes BBC's Merlin
- is a LotR fan, taking a name from one of its best poems
- Likes C. S. Lewis
... and I'm sure I have/could come across more, but yeah. Just thought I'd let you know that that's fantastic