Sunday, 6 May 2007

Kids are Eco-crimes?

I read in the newspaper today an article about - guess what - the environment. It seems the only newsworthy items recently have to do with celebrities and global warming. I'm sick of it. Anyway, this particular article stated that it's an eco-crime for a couple to have more than two kids, because having a third child or more increases carbon emissions by some order of magnitude.

Nevermind that the Canadian population is already only sustaining its numbers because of immigrants. Nevermind that the North American culture will collapse once there's not enough people around to maintain it. Nevermind that if this is the mentality, abortion and abandoned babies will increase. We MUST reduce carbon emissions, at ALL costs.

Maybe they think if North Americans and Europeans have fewer babies, and the races involved diminish - third world countries sure won't slow their growth rates at all, but simply immigrate to North America and Europe so carbon emissions won't change - then the all around quality of human life will get better. But I doubt it. This, I think, simply has to do with the environment trumping humanity again. So much for God's commission to Adam to "Rule the earth".

Hey. Why don't we just phase out the human race like those nut jobs I mentioned before?

I can't think about this anymore, because it makes me so angry. I feel like running off, getting married and having 17 kids just to spite these environmentalists. Well, ok. Maybe that'd be a little painful. I'll have to re-think that, but MOVING ON NOW, my quote shall quite pointedly and purposefully have nothing whatsoever to do with this issue:

We are no longer the knights who say ni! We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing!” from Monty Python


Art said...

I am wondering, if having three kids is an eco-crime, then under what reason is having only one or two children not considered an eco-crime. Perhaps, these "experts" should just cut to the point and state the obvious: "All children are crimes against the environment"! Actually, extended life should also be considered an eco-crime. Once someone passes the age of 35, that person's very own life should be considered a crime against nature. (Especially if that person adheres to this eco-crime thinking...)

Bri said...

Maybe it would help our environment if the activists all committed suicide. Then we would all be happy. They would be happy to be supporting their cause and we'd be happy to have them out of our face. :P

Danielle B said...

Actually god told adam to rule the earth yes... but that doesn't mean we destroy it either, not that i'm with the whole three children cause global warming cause you look at the families 100 years ago and even 50 years ago they used less stuff than a two person family does now, and there was a lot more of the reuse, recycle aspect in life too... and they had at least 4 kids if not more

Carla said...


Yeah, I really don't understand where they plan to draw the line, either. Maybe they don't plan to.


Well, it might work, but that's a little harsh, don't you think? ;-P


Oh, I agree, we should be good stewards of the earth we've been given, and a lot of the time we aren't. That's not good. I didn't mean to come across as "destroy, pillage, and infect"! I'm just starting to get tired of the whole "trees are more important than human beings" line of thought. I recognize that we can get ourselves into trouble if we're not careful with the environment, but most environmentalists, I think, are going about trying to save the world in the wrong way.

Bri said...

Sorry! I don't actually want them to all commit suicide. That was mean hehe....

Justin J-Man J-P JaPh JH said...

I bet next they are going to tell us we have to use candels again and live in caves. I bet in just another 50 years, people will be worried about global cooling.

Sandra said...

I'm glad I have more than two kids; I kinda like Justin. :)

Emily said...

I was watching The View on WestJet yesterday and they were talking about this exact same topic and it made me so mad! Marie Osmond was co-hosting and she had seven kids and they were talking about this other lady who had 17 kids. Joy Behar said it was environmentally irresponsible to have that many kids because of all the carbon emissions blah blah they created. Honestly! That's really dangerous thinking when human life is a crime. I mean, do you know what kind of world that would lead to if many more people start to think that way? The only kids allowed to be born will be the genetically enhanced ones or the ones that have no defects etc.

Seriously. *shakes fist*