Monday, 16 April 2007

My Week in a Nutshell

a) the line behind me at the passport office, and b) Lisa and Margaret, my line buddies

Well, I'm seriously considering renaming this blog "The Sunday School Chronicles", because that seems to be my most common topic. This Sunday we made goop with the kids. I was a little concerned that they'd get it all over their clothes, but they were pretty good about it. I love the second graders!

Or perhaps the "School Schedule Chronicles". I managed to get my Philosophy and Astronomy essays done on time, and my English project is ready to be handed in, so now I've only got to worry about writing my Grammar essay before tomorrow. Last week started after a long weekend, then the class before Grammar was cancelled, so my pattern recognition and internal schedule were thrown off. Wouldn't you know that I just plumb forgot I had Grammar and didn't realize I had missed it until the next day, sitting in Philosophy class. AHHHH! So I emailed my prof, and she just laughed and said that the essay was due next week. Thank goodness I didn't miss anything uber important!

On Thursday I stood in line at the passport office for 2.5 hours, which, surprisingly, was actually quite fun. Upon arriving at the passport office, Cameron, a guy from church, drove by and spotted me, so he stopped to talk for a while. Once he left, Dad showed up to bring me my lunch. Once he left, the ladies in front of me in line and I hit it off and spent the rest of the time joking around and laughing. We didn't exchange names until we were actually inside the building, so they just called me "College Girl", which I felt was a rather prestigious position. I didn't get up the nerve to actually witness to them, but I did give them some tracts. I don't know exactly what they thought of them, but they didn't start spitting on me or anything, and were quite appreciative, especially for the tract with the one-liners. You can pray for them - Margaret and Lisa. I should be getting my passport back within about a month, so that's somewhat of a relief - for a while I thought my summer plans were completely shot. Now I just have to send in the VTI form and choose between Malawi and Peru for a missions trip.

Again, nothing very deep, because I don't have time at the moment, but I hope to get something of substance into this thing again, soon.

“If you look like your passport photo you're too ill to travel.” Joe Pasquale


Art said...

If standing in line is fun, then I have some fun tasks for you! Perhaps you would really enjoy going to the hospital with an emergency because they will probably make you wait even longer! At least you did not find after 2.5 hours that you were in the wrong line or missing some important document.

Mom said...

What??!! You skipped grammar?? Thirty lashes with a wet noodle! :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post Carla. I am glad you are very social in lines. I lack that skill and I keep to myself quite often. You were a vert cute kid and I especially liked your CHRISMIS letter you wrote when you were 6 years old. Keep up the superb posts as I enjoy reading them quite a bit.
By the way, why do you always have the same black shoes? I think a change would be nice.
I'll see you later,.. but you wont see me.

Bri said...

Haha, what a creepy anonymous comment! Let me know if you find out who it is. ;)
What a wicked passport line-up. I'm looking forward to getting mine. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Carla. This is my first blog to visit. (sorry, I'm just not up on these things!) Anyway WOW! I am most impressed with you and your 'deep' thoughts. I love all the quotes thrown in too! You are one beautiful and intelligent girl! I was very interested and excited to hear about your plans for the summer! Keep me informed! Take care and God Bless.
Lorraine Brown