Tuesday, 3 April 2007

In That Moment

Would he have time for a speech? As the Hound seized him, in view of ten or twenty or thirty million people, mightn't he sum up his entire life in the last week in one single phrase or a word that would stay with them long after the Hound had turned, clenching him in its metal-plier jaws, and trotted off in darkness, while the camera remained stationary, watching the creature dwindle in the distance— a splendid fade-out! What could he say in a single word, a few words, that would sear all their faces and wake them up?“ from Fahrenheit 451

What would I say? What would you say? Do you have anything worth saying? In that final moment, what will be most important? What would this culture expect?

A final defiance? I define my own existence! Obviously.
A statement of sacrifice? For tolerance! Life well wasted.
A cry of regret? Noooo.... Or perhaps one of terror?
A muttering of dismay? Not like this, not like this. No, no, not like that.
A challenge? Bring it on! You have no idea...
An encouragement? The world shall continue! To what purpose?
An apology? I'm sorry, oh, I'm so sorry... Tell them what for.
A last farewell? Don't forget me! Dust to dust.
A warning? You'll pay! Someone already did. You missed it.
A reflection? Why? Why didn't you ask that sooner?
A victory cry? You're next! How benevolent.
A commission? Remember rights of the individual! How commendable.

What would you say?

A final defiance? It's not over!
A statement of sacrifice? I die for Truth!
A cry of regret? God, more time to teach...
A muttering of dismay? Forgive them for this.
A challenge? Stand firm!
An encouragement? It'll soon be over.
An apology? I'm sorry, but I must leave you now.
A last farewell? Go with God!
A warning? You must repent!
A reflection? It wasn't wasted!
A victory cry? God is still good!
A commission? Remember God! Remember Truth!

Without being morbid about it, what would you say? Would your last words matter? If this were tomorrow, what would they be?

"It is better to lose your life than waste it." John Piper


Art said...

This is pretty deep. What would the typical Canadian/person say? I suspect they would go with the culture statement.

Mom said...

Where is that from, Carla?

Carla said...

Hi, Dad.
I think you're probably right. It's so sad, isn't it?

Hey, Mom,
The quote is from Fahrenheit 451. I wrote the rest.

Bri said...

Brilliant! Fascinating to read - thank you! :)

Emily said...

Wow, great post! I honestly have no idea what I would say. If I was getting eaten by a hound like in that excerpt there my last word(s) would most likely be, "Aaaauuuggggghhhh!!!"

Not very heroic, I know...lol.

Are we going out on Sunday again? Wait, it's Easter Sunday, so I don't know if you guys are doing anything. Probably, I assume? My family is going out of town, but I'm staying in because I have to work.

Anyways, I know it's been awhile, but I'm working on uploading all the rest of the interviews today and tomorrow so Gail will have some clips to choose from and see if we need more, etc. I'll catch you later! Bye!! <3