Thursday, 5 April 2007

General Life

Ee-hah! (That's the feminine version of yee-haw) Just a short post today. Dad took me to Swiss Chalet for my birthday dinner yesterday. I had some ribs and fries, Dad had chicken and a caesar salad. The waitress who took our order wasn't the same one to deliver the food, so when our food arrived, she naturally assumed that Dad had the ribs and I had the chicken. (Men = hearty food, Women = salad) I was amused by that.

Then we darted off to Chinook mall because I had a few gift cards I needed to spend. I bought a CD player for my room and an mp3 player that you can hook up to it. I left a tract with both the waitress and the manager who sold me the music stuff. They were both really friendly.

Another class at school was cancelled today. It seems like all the profs are either sick or pretending to be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Sociology this afternoon!

And because I mentioned tracts, and I love evangelism quotes:
"Let the victors when they come, When the forts of folly fall, Find thy body near the wall." Alfred Buxton

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Brianna + Amanda said...

Oh you and your ribs.

I'm just teaching Amanda how to leave a comment. :D

love ya