Friday, 9 March 2007

This Post May Not Exist

And obviously, if this post does not exist, then it can't have much substance (only silliness at best), but that's ok for today.

Don't ask about the title. It has to do with Descartes and his minimalist philosophy. You see, I'm all pumped up for philosophizing today, but my prof has warned us multiple times to "only inflict philosophy upon people whom you don't really care if they don't ever speak to you again." I should probably take his advice, as he's likely speaking from experience. :) Therefore, I wish only to relate some of the class content to you, instead of the philosophical content. Be warned.

My prof, although not a Christian, is very caring and truly wants the best for his students. We were having a discussion about the vagueness and ambiguity of certain words, and the word "love" came up. He went off on a tangent and gave us some advice on how to deal with someone who says they love you:

My hypothetical future boyfriend during a romantic dinner: I love you.
Me: That's nice. (The prof says say this to preserve the niceness of the evening)
next day phone boyfriend and demand to go to lunch
Me (shoving list into boyfriend's face): Ok, dude. Here's a list of all the things I consider to be required in the definition of 'love'. Give me your list, and then we'll compare to see if they're compatible.

Sound advice no doubt, but we laughed pretty hard at the expense of poor boyfriend's feelings. I've known for a long time that I'm difficult to have a "normal" conversation with, but if there was ever any doubt, this philosophy class has not only exacerbated, but fixed in place, that incapability - permanently.

Anyway, Danielle figured that if you didn't reply "I love you, too", the evening would be ruined for your boyfriend anyway, so she had an even more to-the-point way of dealing with the situation:

Hypothetical future boyfriend during a romantic dinner: I love you.
Danielle: You know I've taken a philosophy course.

If he doesn't understand what you mean, then he's not worth your time.

We've also had a few in-depth discussions about chairs (the prof tries to avoid those like the plague now, but he's almost betrayed himself twice, much to his aghast disbelief), dreams of evil geniuses, and black vs. blue boots. And they actually have context in the study topic! Who knew philosophy could be so much fun?

So there's nothing much happening for the rest of today, which is good, because then I have no good excuse to keep procrastinating with my schoolwork. I leave you today with another quote from class:

My prof, upon us opening yet another can of worms during class discussion: "Well, that's it. We got to where I didn't want to go! I used to offer marginalized resistance [to our tearing the philosophies apart], but now I'm willing to acquiesce..."

Hee hee! My favourite uni class. :)


Anonymous said...

Carla you are a brilliant mind...I am glad I know you...hahahahaha your blog is great! Go Howard! Go Carla!
Love Sarah
p.s. i'm anonymous cause I am too lazy to sign in...:)

Justin said...

Justin said...

A chair is something you sit on. nothing much to talk about there.
Anywho, Usually I would leave a good comment but I am not first to write one so my godd comment will have to come another day. Yea, so why does your post still not exixt? I still don't get it. But that leaves with something interestong to say in my blog. Saying this comment didn't exist, that would meen you would never read about my theory of chairs. That meens it might keep you up all night trying to figure out if a stool is a chair or not, etc.... But this post does exist, so that's that.

J-A-P-H aka Justin aka J-P aka Jaf
aka j-man aka Jh.