Sunday, 11 March 2007

Sunday School

Hello - that is "hail thou", or "whole be thou", depending on which etymology you take. According to Wikipedia, there are a bunch of different theories as to how the word came into being, but I like those the best.

I was helping out with Sunday School today. During large group time we made butterflies by pasting tissue paper onto wooden cut-outs. The girls were quite proud of theirs (one was pretty upset when she lost it), and one little boy, even, desired to make a butterfly. Then I "helped" Sarah out in her small group - grade 2. We were learning about being truthful. The kids are sooo cute! I think grade 2 is my favourite age, because they're still small enough to adore the "big people", but big enough to have actual conversations with. The pictures here are from the Sunday School craft table and large-group time.

In Sunday School, the beautiful Miss Sarah asked us all to share something that was exciting about our week. *In sing-songy voice* I beat Dad at Texas Hold 'Em! Ha! It's a good thing the second graders didn't know what game that was :-), but Chantelle, the other helper, was rather amused. But seriously - I cleaned Dad out first round, then lent him his chips back at 8% interest, and ended up winning all his chips again (love you, Daddy)! But he wasn't able to pay back the debt, so I didn't make as much as I should have. That was pretty much a high-light of the week for me (yes, I know you think I have no life...).

We didn't go evangelizing this weekend due to some illness, but plan to pick it up again soon. I keep forgetting to bring kid tracts to Sunday School, but it's something I want to do. But here's the deal - if the kids aren't Sunday School kids, but kids you just babysit during the week, do you witness to them and hope the parents won't get angry and stop letting you see them, or do you wait and just hope you'll still be seeing them once they're older and can choose for themselves whom they want to associate with?

Now please note, my sister has also made a blog, which I am posting a link to both here and on my sidebar.

Since we were learning about not telling lies in Sunday School, I thought this quote by Mark Twain was relevant: Yes, even I am dishonest. Not in many ways, but in some. Forty-one I think it is.

Good-bye - that is "God be with ye". There's not much debate on the etymology of that one. It's kind of interesting, though. With the actual meaning of the word in mind, it'll be hard to ever say it angrily now; indeed it would seem sarcastic, and when using God's name, that's not a good thing. It got me thinking. Adios - Spanish - means something like "to God". In French, Adieu means the same. I've always appreciated the more meaningful salutations, like farewell, over see ya (although I like the intent behind 'see you around'). Now good-bye means something, too!


Bri said...

Hey Carla!
I love reading your entries; they're intriguing. :D Keep it up! And you're doing a great job with the crafts on Sunday mornings. xoxo

Mom said...

Hi, Carla, it's Mom. I sense you are going to disown me soon if I don't make a comment in your blog, so here it is: Have you vacuumed yet this week? I believe that is Thursday's chore??? :)
What? I'm supposed to comment on something actually IN the blog? Oh...
In that case, I'd like you to clarify something--just who comes up with all these craft ideas that you are responsible for, hmmmmm?
Your blog is interesting and fun to read.

Emily said...

"Forty-one, I think."

Lol! That is so great!

I don't know about the witnessing to kids you baby-sit..I baby-sat some kids once who were east indian, and I think their religion was Hinduism. I really wanted to talk to them about God, but for some reason I didn't..I guess I didn't want the parents to get mad at me. But I prayed for them a lot that when they were older someone would tell them and they would have a soft heart towards it.