Sunday, 18 March 2007

Stars and Other Things

So we haven't gotten together for either Bible study, 4C, or evangelism lately, due mainly to busy-busy schedules, and I'm really missing it! It's so easy to get distracted from the important issues of life if you don't have a set time to do them. You can try to set a time to do Bible studies on your own, or to spend time in prayer, but it's a lot more difficult to keep on them without the accountability. Anyway, I guess that's a long winded way of saying I can't wait until things get going again!

On the upside, though, I was helping with Sunday School again today, except this time I had a nametag! Oh, yay! I'm a real nut when it comes to nametags, if it's the type you hang around your neck (don't ask me why). Otherwise I don't like them. And on my nametag, I'm "Miss Carla", not just Carla, so that's kinda cool, too.

Nothing huge and/or exciting has happened around here, lately. I finished one philosophy essay, so that's good, but I was just assigned another astronomy one. And for those of you who know I'm a name nerd, I've decided that some names of stars and constellations would make quite lovely names for people, too:
Alcyone (al-SY-on-ee) (f)
Pleione (PLEE-on-ee) (f)
Merope (MAYR-op-ee) (f)
Lyra (LEER-ah) (f)
Orion (or-EYE-on) (m)
Pleiades (PLEE-e-deez) (m)

And for a pet:
Procyon (pro-SY-on) (m)
Rigel (RIG-el) (m)
Deneb (den-EB) (m)

Now I've got to start praying about going on a missions trip. If it's going to happen at all, it's likely going to happen this summer. With the season approaching as quickly as it is, I really don't have much time to get the ball rolling if that's what I want to do, so many prayers about this are appreciated! I'd likely be going with VTI (Venture Teams International), but I just don't know yet. AHH! To be so undecided... and yet, I guess that's one of the reasons I chose the name "The Wanderer".

No terribly deep or enchanting thoughts to share with anyone today - I'll steal (oops, I mean borrow) one from someone else:
I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” C. S. Lewis (one of my role models - and what a nice middle name Lewis would make, too!)


Bri said...

Well I don't mind Alcyone and Pleione... and Rigel is cute for a pet. However, aren't constellations named after Greek gods or something?

Love you! Congrats on your poker victory.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Miss Carla--
Do you want me to call you that on a regular basis? :)
I really like that C.S. Lewis quote!
What about "The Big Dipper" for a baby's name???
Love you!