Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Pi Day!!

This is a really short post. Just wanted to mention that it's PI DAY! The date is 3-14 (March 14th), hence "pi".

And I have a question: if using the Lord's name in vain is bad, what about using expressions like "Oh, man" or "oh, boy"? James 3:9 "With tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness."

Brianna made good chicken tonight. And Kyle should take up Way of the Master. There you have my musings for tonight. Do with them as you will.

And speaking of Kyle, I quote his brother and sister's conversation today:

Michaela: You need to go wash your face.
Cody: That's how I got it dirty – washing a rock.
Michaela: Well, go wash your face now.
Cody: But then I'll get the rock dirty.

Ahh, yes. Well, on with school!


Carolynn said...

PI Day! Wow. Did you eat pie on PI day? So, did you ever use that Sunday School idea I sent to you - masks made on paper plates? It's a good one!
Love hearing about your life. When do your classes finish up?
Terrible family picture you posted.
Nothing else to add.

Art said...

Pi day. Oh pizza! (note I did not say pizzaman.) I wonder when e day is. Extrapolating from pi day, I would guess it should be Feb 71 at 8:28 - or perhaps on Feb 7 at 18:28 or 6:28pm would make more sense. There are a lot of important numbers out there besides pi and e. For example, root 2(1.414213), u(1.6605x10E-27 kg), c(2.99792458x10E8m/s), G(6.67x10E-11 Nmm/kg/kg), h(6.63x10E-34Js) plus I could add Boltzmann's constant, Electron, Proton, Neutron rest mass, absolute zero(0 K), Permeability of free space, permittivity of free space, a rad = 57.2957795, Avogadro's number, my shirt size, mass of the earth(2.0x10E30kg)to name a few of the scientifically important numbers.

There are so many numbers out there (probably hundreds of different numbers could be made) so why does everyone exalt pi at the expense of other numbers? I know I have always placed a high value on pi but that is because back when I born, it was still quite unknown - not too many people knew what pi was so I felt it was my duty to the science and mathematics community to memorize it. (not all 2.some trillion digits though) Most people thought it was something you put in the oven.

I am actually glad that you recognize pi though, because it means that I successfully "passed the torch" so to speak.

Make sure you wash your hands before you put them in the pickle jar.

Bri said...

I like the family picture!
It is interesting... why is pi more cool than some other number??

Carla said...

Auntie Carolynn,
No, no pie on pi day, unfortunately. I haven't used the mask craft idea yet because I've been awful about shopping for supplies. We made puppets on popsicle sticks recently. I don't want to think about the end of classes yet - I'm not ready for summer! Actually, that picture cracks me up, that's why I like it. I don't think it's too bad.

you forgot some important numbers: the axial tilt of earth, 23.5 degrees, the location of Calgary, 51.08N - 114.08W, earth's circumference, 40,074 km, the distance between the sun and earth, 1.496x10E8 km, the number of earth's sidereal days in a year, 366.25636042, or of solar days, 365.25636042. The average rainfall of the Amazon basin is 80 in/y. Water boils at 100 degrees, and 100 is important for other reasons in math, too. 360 degrees in a circle, and paper burns at 451 degrees F. I thought of a few more, but you already pointed them out.

Is absolute zero (about -273.15°C) related to that quantum mechanical "smallest possible unit" thing?

I don't know. I just like it, and it comes up in conversation from time to time, so I can show off. How often do normal people talk about the constant of gravity or e? :-)

Art said...

I have never heard of a correlation between absolute zero and the smallest quantum unit. Perhaps there is university funding to research this topic.

Emily said...

"I don't know. I just like it, and it comes up in conversation from time to time, so I can show off. How often do normal people talk about the constant of gravity or e? :-) "

Not very often, in my case, never =P But it's interesting reading about it!