Thursday, 29 March 2007

*Frantic Music*

A quick post tonight to announce that tomorrow is Kate's birthday, and tonight we finally got back together for Bible study! Yay! I so missed it during the past few weeks.

My school schedule is absolutely horrifying, at least for someone who hasn't had to juggle this many things before, but I guess that's what comes with "growing up".

Oh, and I'm the only rationalist (truth is not all sensory; some knowledge is intellectual) in my entire philosophy class. Everyone else is empiricist (needing physical proof), even venturing near conventionalist (things only have meaning because we give them meaning). Howard said I was "holding the fort".

Otherwise everything's dandy. I have a dress and shoes for Saturday. Squeal!

Now I mentioned to Gail half-jokingly that I wanted to have 13 kids, and she said I better find a boy and get started soon. Aristotle seems to agree: “The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men.” Scary thought.

Wow, what a random post.


Bri said...

HAHAHAH!! I'll let you know if I meet any good looking 37 year olds!

Emily said...

Thirty-seven? Hmmmmm.....

Not such a scary thought anymore, I think. =P Jk.

Aimee said...

Hey Carla, I'm finally caught up on your blog! 37 year olds, eh? Well, since you're an official adoolt at age 18, does that mean that guys are not adults until 37 providing you do not date "teenagers"? I hope you enjoyed your graduation.

aukje said...

Happy 18th birthday Carla!!!!
I read your post on Will's blog. Julie left this afternoon for Tobago. She left at 3:15! Your pary was JUST at the time she was leaving Calgary!
Hope it was a great open house with losts of friends and family. Wished we could have been there.! We rememner when you were born and just a little baby!!!

aukje said...

How do you edit? Let me correct the spelling mistakes lest your mom is going to comment on aukje's terrible grammar!!! Party, lots, remember.......Have a great 19th year Carla!!!

Art said...

Aukje, I am not sure what a pary is? Did you meen to right that? I rememner when you were such a good spealler.

37 year old men? I think that is bit extreme. Probably should be closer to 25 years old.

Teressa said...

:O WHAT?!?!?! 18 and 37!!!!!!! Man... Breanne shoulda been married for 3 years, and Mikayla.... well I'm glad she won't be 1 year late on that ;) But do they mean to say a girl should marry a guy 19 years older than her? Isn't that unethical or soemthing now?