Monday, 5 March 2007

Art's Work of Artwork

Dad drew a picture of me (doing a "step-dig" from pre-primary dance classes, apparently), which I laughed so hard at (I started choking) that I had to post it. The other picture I posed for, mimicking the drawing. Can you tell which is which? It's pretty hard to tell. I mean, one's colour and one's not, but that could be just a compression or camera quality issue.

I spoke with two young guys at the C-Train on Sunday for the clip we're making. It was my first time talking to two at once (it's considerably harder!), and they weren't very talkative - plus I ran out of things to say when I knew I shouldn't have yet, so I just hemmed and hawed for a few seconds. Definitely not my best encounter, but hey, you've got to start somewhere. I gave them a bunch of tracts, and they seemed quite open - especially the one who was nodding to everything I said.

Still interested in this Book of Enoch thing. Perhaps not all the Apocrypha should be written off as false.

Anyway, since the first part of this post was about Dad, here's a quote by him:
"We are going outside to play, and we will have fun whether you like it or not!"

And now back to school. Tootles!


art said...

Ok. Before anyone gets the wrong idea about my quote, the Carla DID have fun after I forced her to enjoy herself. The kids just needed some encouragement.

I also sense some mocking of my artistic ability. I obviously do not have the artistic ability like her Auntie Carolynn, but at least you can tell that my picture is of Carla and not a cell phone.

Doesn't pi = 22/7?

bri said...

ahahaha! nice pictures! :P

I can't wait to see the clips from yesterday! Love ya!

Carla said...

We did have fun outside (that was over five years ago already - how long has it been?), I agree.

And Daddy, you are very talented in many things, but your drawings have always cracked me up somehow. Thank you for not making me look like a cell phone. :-)

Sarah-Jane said...

hey hey lady fair, lady there, lady with the long blonde hair ( well I guess your hair isn't blonde but ahwell) I am proud of you for still trying with the witnessing...who knows what God can do...even with our mistakes...Your heart was right I am sure...anyways, love the picture(s). hahahaha....see you Thursday!

Emily said...

Lol, that's totally a great picture =P Your Dad is a natural born artist!

Jake and Jeff, right? I really hope God works in their heart. It's a big commitment, and not a lot of people are up to it. Sometimes I wish we just had Bibles we could carry around and give to people..."Read this!! Gah!!"

Carolynn said...

This is in response to art - I'm not sure about my "artistic abilities" but thank you for the compliment.
Just a few "artsy" comments:
RE: product - the fun is in the doing and the creating!
RE: product - however somebody arrives at the end artistic product is okay - it is impossible to "cheat" at art!