Tuesday, 27 February 2007

WOTM: C-train station

WOTM stands for Way of the Master, the course on witnessing that I took, and that I highly recommend.

So here's a peek of what we've been doing at the C-train. This is a movie of me and a guy named Justin (obviously not my brother, though), filmed by our camera wizard, Emily. Now before you think "Whoa, she's cramming stuff down his throat!", let me tell you that a) we asked if we could film an interview with him, and b) warned him it would be about religious stuff. As you can see, he doesn't get angry with me, despite the fact that I do talk about hell and judgement. Notice that I do, also, talk about heaven and forgiveness.

I've posted links to a few blogs over on my sidebar - in particular, I'd recommend that you take a look at Emily's. She's planning on being a journalist, so her blog is amazing!

On a more personal note, Daddy's birthday was today. I finally replaced the nut pick thing I accidentally dumped in the trash years ago. He's quite happy about that - I haven't been able to eat a nut or speak of them without him bringing up that I lost that one pick and threw off the symmetry of the nut-cracker set since forever, it seems. Happy b-day Dad!

And speaking of nuts: "It's mad. Utter nonsense. But we'll do it because it's brilliant nonsense." (Douglas Adams)


Sarah-Jane said...

Hey Carla,
Gogogogo my witnessing friend!!!! how is school this week...did you hand in that paper? I hope you are feeling better. I got a paper back yesterday, woohoo!!! reaaallly good mark...hurray! anyways, Just though I'd comment first saying, praise God through you Carla...keep up the courage and keep praying...I'm praying for you.

Emily said...

You did a super good job on this video^^ I'll upload the others this week. Oh,and I finally got some dvd's so I'm going to try to put them all on a dvd for Sunday. I hope you have a great week! I'll see you on Sunday =)

(oh, and Douglas Adams is my total hero =P)

bri said...

I have a pretty cool sister mmhmm!
It was great to watch the video. Thanks for posting that - keep on witnessing! I admire you.


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